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Cambridgeshire Lines & The ECML - The Route [31 Jul 2016]
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Cambridgeshire Lines & The ECML - 1950-1960

Version 2.00.0

This route is set at the end of the steam era and the beginning of the diesels. It covers the ECML from Kings Cross up to Arlesey, and the Cambridge main line from the junction with the ECML at Hitchin through Cambridge up to Ely. It also has the freight-only line between St Ives and Ely; the passenger line from St Ives to Cambridge and the route out to Newmarket. At present about 135 route miles - with a mixture of main line, some classic branch line and some industrial mileage.

The line covers 51 stations - ranging from the tiny branch halts through the 1.5 miles of Cambridge station to the congested environs of Kings Cross and Top Shed.
The traffic across the region’s lines is very varied – fast passenger trains like the Kings Cross “Beer train” and the old Great Eastern "Fenman" route up from Liverpool street; endless coal trains between Doncaster and the great marshalling yards at Temple Meads and Whitemoor; food shipments (especially fruit) from the fertile farms of the fens - and local stoppers and pick-up goods making their stately way across the fens.

This release is the second stage of this project - it includes an extended version of the original Cambridgeshire lines route which I have merged with a heavily modified version of the ECML-S route from RSC. Please read the route guide for details on what is included, to what level and with what future plans. Feedback is gratefully received - this is a long-term project aimed at providing a realistic, stimulating and accurate recreation of this fascinating area and era.

For more info and screenshots visit the website – the route includes a detailed manual including a full history of the route and the main traffic flows around and through it.


To use this route you must have the 'Train Simulator East Coast Main Line London - Peterborough' payware route from RSC - this route will not run without it! You will also need several 'legacy' packs which used to be part of the game and are now payware.

To install this route you need the following freeware packs:

  • Cambridge Lines & The ECML - 3rd Party Assets - 1 of 3

  • Cambridge Lines & The ECML - 3rd Party Assets - 1 of 3

  • Cambridge Lines & The ECML - 3rd Party Assets - 1 of 3

  • Cambridge Lines & The ECML - Assets 1 of 2

  • Cambridge Lines & The ECML - Assets 2 of 2

  • UKTS NER Tall Signalbox

  • UKTS FP Foliage

  • UKTS FP Station Buildings

  • Great Northerner Telegraph Poles

  • Trumpington_Signal_box

  • These two require you to create a free signin account to their forum:

  • 3DTrains – Rural Landscapes

  • 3DTrains - ScaleRoads

  • These 'legacy' assets packs were included in the basic game up to TS2013. If your installation is a fresh copy of TS2013 onwards then you may not have them. To check, in the Steam Library window, right-click on 'Train Simulator' and select “View Downloadable Content”. You need to ensure the following items are in this list:

  • Railworks 3 Legacy Assets Foliage

  • Train Simulator: European Loco & Asset Pack

  • Train Simulator: Isle of Wight Route Add-on

  • RSDL Stations Pack (freeware) or 'AP Station Pack', also known as the 'UK Buildings Model Pack' and sometimes 'Railworks AssetPack01' - this used to be freeware but now seems to be bundled with some routes (see the bottom of this post for a partial list)

  • Optional Items

    These packs are required to run some of the included scenarios - they are not required to load the route:

  • from UKTS Freeware Packs:

  • from Mike Round, Harveype and Llew:

  • The old BR Britannia is used in a couple of the default scenarios. It can no longer be obtained from the original supplier but there is a Payware model available from Just Trains.

    If you want the water troughs at Langley to actually work then you also need the 'Rivera Line: Exeter to Kingswear' from Steam.


    This route could not have been built without the use of assets created by many authors who have donated the results of their efforts to the community. I am extremely grateful to them all, and in particular to those who have permitted me to package the majority of the assets into a Pack to make installation easier:

  •  Acorn, BarnsRS, Brendan, Buckeye, Chaddock Engineering, Decapod, Dominique, eyore, icepak, JADsHome, JeffLayf,
    karma99, kngtrains, letsRole, Longbow, MigDesign, Mundo, Niall Wallace, SAD, Willburton, Yelland, nobkins

  • and all those who have contributed to the freeware packs. 

  • Special thanks must go to the Chaddocks for much advice and the creation of special signals, to Rocky for permission to use his textures, to Mike Simpson for the invaluable “RWTools”, to Geoff Potter for permission to 'borrow' some of his clutter and, of course, to Jim “nobkins” Nobbs for his superb RWDecal tool and for collating the freeware packs that make life much easier for route builders. I would also like to thank Ruth Ivimey-Cook for her original work on the Newmarket line and other aspects of the original route and the super website.

    I am very grateful to Mike Round (ike, ikesmith) for letting me include his beta J15 in the route. The J15 was a universal workhorse around this region and its presence helps make the route that bit more “real”.


  • The contents of this pack (route, scenarios, assets etc) are for your own personal use and must not be sold or distributed in any way without the written permission of the route author (Neil Cunningham) or the creator of the individual assets concerned.

  • This pack or any part of this pack must not be uploaded onto any website nor distributed via CD without the permission of the author or the creators of the individual assets concerned.

  • This pack is only for distribution through

  • You may make your own alterations to the Route but you must not release these without prior written permission from the route author.

  • List of routes that include the AP station pack

  • Falmouth Branch

  • Doncaster Works

  • Woodhead

  • Western Lines Of Scotland

  • Settle & Carlisle

  • Portsmouth Direct

  • North East Corridor

  • WCML North

  • Uploader:cunningn (Neil Cunningham) - More from this uploader
    File ID:35864
    Download Count:905
    File Size:144.05 Mb (151,047,326 bytes)
    Operating Company:British Rail - More in this Company
    File Type:Route - More of this File Type
    Gauge:UK Standard
    Class:Cambridgeshire Lines 1950 - More of this Class
    Country:United Kingdom - More in this country
    3D Model Author:N/A
    Skin Author:N/A
    Cab Author:N/A
    Sound Author:N/A

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